Who won the Ice Bucket Challenge in social media?


Recently social media have been overpowered by a surprising and at the same time also impressive trend. More and more people, top celebrities included, are deciding to pour on themselves a bucket of ice cold water. The campaign is called the Ice Bucket Challenge. Its goal is to support the ALS Association devoted to fighting with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Sotrender analyzed the popularity of Ice Bucket Challenge videos on YouTube. We also identified the most popular Facebook posts and tweets about taking the challenge. Check which of the celebrities was the most successful!

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FIFA World Cup in Facebook marketing – you don’t need to be a sponsor to hijack news and engage fans

world cup

Recently social media have been overpowered by football excitement. The biting of Suarez, the staggering victory of the German team over Brazil and finally brave fight for the Cup were only a few pretexts for brands to use the real-time marketing. Sponsors of the FIFA World Cup paid huge money and tired to use the sponsorship also for social media marketing. However, some of their competitors were referring to the World Cup too, sometimes with big success, as our analysis shows. No matter if you are an official sponsor of a big event or not, you can use it to engage your social media fans.

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Proudly introducing our Sotrender Team!


Hello, dear Friends, Clients, Competitors, Candidates – we are glad to meet you! I’m very pleased to introduce The Sotrender Team – outstanding group of people working daily on providing you the best-ever actionable, data-driven tips for social media. Coding, designing, analysing, selling, marketing, organising. In the office and remotely. From 6 am (several people) till 10 pm (several other people) – yes, we have flexible hours, and several other perks too. Hardworking, insightful, wit and smart. Every day making me proud.

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