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Thomas Kowalski Jun 30 2015

New Feature in Sotrender – Content Strategy Module & Post Tagging

Very often, people post the same types of content on Facebook, with each post belonging to a certain topic or category. Now, Sotrender lets you organize your posts into such categories with the new post tagging feature. Now you can compare your posts by category, seeing which groups of posts are performing better than others. By taking advantage of post tagging, Sotrender users can make their performance on social media even more efficient and effective!

Michał Wieczorek Jun 26 2015

Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia May 2015

Sotrender and Joy Intermedia are proud to present the eighth edition of Fanpage Trends Indonesia. Our report contains the data on reach, engagement and content for 14 different industries present on Facebook.


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Aleksandra Prejs Jun 25 2015

Global Social Facts – compare your Facebook Page and have fun with big data

Have you ever wondered who’s more popular on Facebook – Kim Kardashian or Kanye West? And who likes them more – men or women? How many Facebook users like cats, and how many are dog lovers? Who’s more popular – Sheldon Cooper or the actor behind him, Jim Parsons? Do the same people like both Star Wars and Star Trek (or according to the popular belief, Trekkies and Jedi don’t mix)? If the answer is yes – we can satisfy your curiosity. If you also have your own Facebook Page, we have something very special for you – Global Social Facts powered by Sotrender.

Hubert Tworkowski Jun 09 2015

Intrest graph – know the interests of your brand’s fans

Facebook, as the biggest social media platform, has an immense amount of knowledge about the users and brands present on their portal. In the last 4 years, Sotrender has gathered several terabytes of data. Thanks to that data, we can answer one crucial question – what is interesting to fans of my brand? Our Facebook profile’s database, carefully built since 2011, now has over 22 thousand Facebook pages. With analyzing Facebook data, it is possible to check your fans interests concerning any profile or the whole industry.

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Michał Wieczorek May 28 2015

Track your competitors on Facebook

Your brand doesn’t exist in an empty space; there is always fierce competition in every market. Social media is no exception. With Sotrender, you can learn from your “foes” how to conduct effective (or not-so-effective) communication over social media. From now on learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes.