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Filip Cyprowski Aug 05 2015

What is the best posting time on Facebook?

Many administrators of commercial Facebook pages are looking for the best time to publish content as if it were some kind of Holy Grail. But there is no universally ideal posting time. It will always depend on your goals, your business model, and on the people you want to reach. And – what’s more important – you probably won’t find out what is your best posting time, unless you start analyzing your page and your competitor’s’ pages yourself.

Based on the Sotrender 50TB database of social media communication data, we analyzed the publishing habits of almost 10 000 Facebook pages and more than 500 000 posts from different categories and countries to show you why timing is so important and how to figure out your own posting schedule.

Aleksandra Prejs Jul 23 2015

Benchmark your Facebook page with Global Average

No Facebook page is an isolated island – there’s always other islands nearby, with people coming to and from all of them. And you might think your island is doing well, but how can you really tell if you don’t benchmark your fanpage to nearby islands? Dropping the metaphor, this means that even if you choose your performance indicators precisely for your Facebook page, they’re only truly valid when compared to the results of other pages. Recently, Sotrender went over the crucial indicators that measure your performance. Now it’s time to show you how you can measure them in comparison to others, as well as explain the benefits of such an approach.


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Filip Cyprowski

3 Facebook Performance Indicators Crucial for Your Brand

Does anyone remember how much we used to care about the amount of fans a Facebook page had? How it was supposed to be such a huge indicator of success? Or even more recently, when a decrease in our relative organic reach had us feeling scared and hopeless? Yes, we –  the admins of Facebook pages - tend to trust outdated indicators. And let’s be honest – we sometimes put a bit too much faith in them when we don’t know how our competitors are doing. But it’s about time to change that.

In Sotrender we’re working with more than 50TB of social media data, regarding our 300+ clients from several countries. Analyzing it and finding valuable insights is our daily routine. Now we want to share some of our knowledge and show you what the current crucial indicators are and how important it is to look at them in comparison to others.

Thomas Kowalski Jul 22 2015

Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia June 2015

Sotrender and Joy Intermedia are proud to present the tenth edition of Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia. Our report contains data on reach, engagement, and content for 14 different industries present on Facebook and Twitter in Indonesia.

Thomas Kowalski Jun 30 2015

New Feature in Sotrender – Content Strategy Module & Post Tagging

Very often, people post the same types of content on Facebook, with each post belonging to a certain topic or category. Now, Sotrender lets you organize your posts into such categories with the new post tagging feature. Now you can compare your posts by category, seeing which groups of posts are performing better than others. By taking advantage of post tagging, Sotrender users can make their performance on social media even more efficient and effective!