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Jan Zając Oct 08 2014

Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia September 2014

For the first time Sotrender and Joy Intermedia are proud to present Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia- comprehensive social media reports for Indonesian industry. We analyzed reach, engagement and content on two most popular social media channels – Facebook & Twitter – in 9 important industries. What are the biggest Indionesian Facebook Pages and Twitter profiles? Which of them is the most successful in engaging fans? And which of them published the most engaging post and the best tweet in September? Read the reports to be up-to-date with the latest social media trends.

Daria Kuczmara Oct 01 2014

How to use hashtags in Twitter marketing?

Hashtags are inherent part of Twitter communication and a way of highlighting topics in tweets. They can also help in getting more attention from users. The popularity of specific hashtags reflects interests of followers. Because every profile has its own group of unique followers, there is no universal hashtag that everyone could use and win. There are various strategies and principles that can be applied to maximize the effects of using hashtags. To inspire you, we looked through several cases of using brands’ own and trending hashtags. Check what we discovered.

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Mateusz Bandurski Aug 26 2014

Activity Index for Twitter and YouTube in Sotrender

Years ago Sotrender introduced the index called Interactivity Index for Facebook which is a collective, weighted rate of all the activities performed within a Facebook page. Now we’re moving one step further to introduce similar indexes also for Twitter profiles and YouTube channels. How do we measure them?

Aleksandra Prejs Aug 21 2014

Who won the Ice Bucket Challenge in social media?

Recently social media have been overpowered by a surprising and at the same time also impressive trend. More and more people, top celebrities included, are deciding to pour on themselves a bucket of ice cold water. The campaign is called the Ice Bucket Challenge. Its goal is to support the ALS Association devoted to fighting with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Sotrender analyzed the popularity of Ice Bucket Challenge videos on YouTube. We also identified the most popular Facebook posts and tweets about taking the challenge. Check which of the celebrities was the most successful!

Aleksandra Prejs Jul 31 2014

Analyze and improve your Twitter performance

While developing new features for easy social media analytics in Sotrender, we don’t focus only on Facebook. We are working also on two other popular social media platforms: Twitter and YouTube. Today we’re introducing new set of analytic features. It means more possibilities to boost the Twitter performance both as an individual user or a brand.