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Aleksandra Prejs Mar 22 2013

Top Water brands fanpages – hydration on Facebook

Recently we have celebrated St. Patrick’s day by presenting you top Beer brands in Americas and today let’s feast World Water Day! This time Sotrender Research Team has prepared the analysis of Water brands fanpages from all around the world. We have searched across the globe for the largest, the most engaging and the most interactive profiles and also the best posts. Here are our findings.

Aleksandra Prejs Mar 18 2013

Facebook beer pages across the globe

There are different ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Some colour their rivers, some traditionally meet with their friends and drink occasional green beer.. Sotrender Research Team has decided to take a look how strong beer brands are on Facebook in different countries. First of all, we have analyzed the structure of fans of the biggest beer page in the world – Heineken. Based on the results we have compared local Facebook beer pages from North and South America. Here are the results.

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Aleksandra Prejs Feb 19 2013

And the Facebook Oscar® goes to…

Are you waiting for Sunday Oscar® Awards? We are, too! 🙂 To be honest we were surprised by some of Academy’s nominations and the absence of some movies among the nominees. Sotrender Research Team decided to check what would be the outcome of the Oscar® Awards, if the fans could choose who wins. To do this, we have analyzed the Facebook profiles of nominated movies. By the vote of the People, the Oscar® goes to… See for yourself 🙂