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Kinga Odziemek Dec 01 2016

20 Twitter facts that you need to know!

Do you think you know every single thing about Twitter? Despite it’s long-time presence as one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, there are still some things most people don’t know about. Read our article and test your Twitter knowledge… and don’t forget to comment about how many of those Twitter facts you already know about.

Michał Wieczorek Nov 29 2016

Audit your social media – Is it worth the effort?

Social media is becoming more and more important for companies, brands, and their communication. Starting from the smallest, local firms to the biggest corporations – almost every one uses social media as a marketing tool.  The question that most of them should ask themselves is – are you using social media effectively and how are you measuring it?

That’s why we decided to create a short guide for auditing your social media communication.


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Kinga Odziemek Nov 28 2016

What’s better for personal branding? [INFOGRAPHIC]

To be or not to be (on Facebook) – that is the question! In our previous blog posts (here, here and here), we wrote that being on Facebook is beneficial for personal branding. Today we’re going to dig into this matter a bit more by discussing the choice between running a Page or a personal profile.

We’re going to look at Facebook and it’s options for personal branding, as they can be pretty confusing. Should you use your private, personal profile for branding or set up your own Page? It’s time to get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these options.

Kinga Odziemek Nov 18 2016

Facebook in 2016 – changes, updates and improvements.

Facebook is a social empire, and it becomes very apparent – we’re experiencing the biggest success in social networking, the game changer for social media. Nowadays, almost no one could imagine their life – both personal and professional – without Facebook in it. Although Facebook may be developed and successful enough, there is still room for improvement. And Facebook makes the most of it by consistently implementing new changes and releasing updates.

Kinga Odziemek Nov 10 2016

Why is watching trends useful?

Working in marketing demands creativity, an open mind, and lots of inspiration to be able to produce and manage your campaigns effectively. How do you do this in a world overloaded with communication, news, and inspiration? Some people struggle with it while others pick and choose what to follow from ideas around. But they usually miss important facts and forget to watch trends worth knowing about and worth following as soon as possible.

Here at Sotrender, we know that time matters. We know how precious it is to you, so we try to make things easier by preparing reports that show the highlights and changes of leading social media channels.