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Proudly introducing our Sotrender Team!


Hello, dear Friends, Clients, Competitors, Candidates – we are glad to meet you! I’m very pleased to introduce The Sotrender Team – outstanding group of people working daily on providing you the best-ever actionable, data-driven tips for social media. Coding, designing, analysing, selling, marketing, organising. In the office and remotely. From 6 am (several people) till 10 pm (several other people) – yes, we have flexible hours, and several other perks too. Hardworking, insightful, wit and smart. Every day making me proud.

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Actionable tips for Facebook marketing in Sotrender


We are proud to announce important updates in Sotrender: new layout of data-driven tips and new set of tips related to customer service in social media! Data-driven recommendations are one of the most important directions of developing Sotrender. Your feedback, as well as analyses carried by Sotrender Research Team have already proved their value, so we will keep working on them. Today we’re introducing a set of new recommendations related to customer service, as well as their new organization and layout.

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Politics on Facebook – Election to the European Parliament

The election for the European Parliament is getting closer and closer. Candidates are doing their best in order to convince both the electorate and as many floating voters as possible. Their campaigns take place among others also in social media. However, it’s not much friendly a space for politics and politicians. Social media is often compaared a big party and politics is not the best topic to talk while having fun. So how are political parties from 28 countries doing in social media in the crucial moment of the election campaign? Sotrender analyzed almost 300 profiles and found the most liked parties in absolute and relative terms.

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Sotrender is changing – new date and time format


Building a SaaS product, like Sotrender, requires constant updates and focus on quality and users’ satisfaction. Sometimes this means bigger changes, like e.g. recent introduction of customer service module. Yet there are also many small improvements and bug fixing (yes, we do find bugs, sometimes – who doesn’t? ;) ). For example, a few days ago we introduced new date and time format. Why do we care about these small things that can make the use of Sotrender even better?

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