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Jan Zając Sep 21 2015

My impressions from Social Media Week London 2015

I’ve just returned home after 4 days at Social Media Week London 2015. With my head full of impressions and inspiration, I decided to write this post. A summation of my experiences, similar to what we did after Dublin Web Summit 2 years ago. Since these were a very busy and exciting few days, I’m gathering up what I’ve seen and what I’ve thought. I hope this will be helpful for those who have attended this year, for those who didn’t, and for those who are wondering what’s coming next year.

nowy obrazek
Jan Zając Feb 11 2015

Improved Sotrender – check what has changed!

The time has come for significant changes in Sotrender. Now reborn, it is better, clearer and more user-friendly than ever! Sotrender will help improve your business performance on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Not only have we rebuilt and redesigned our website, we have also improved our payment system.

The metamorphosis of our service is only an excuse to present our completely new approach to social media analysis which now reflects how businesses should maintain their social media presence. From now on, our pricing is based on the number of brands you observe with all social media channels included for each brand.

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Jan Zając Jan 15 2015

Essential tips for SMBs on how to benefit from Super Bowl obsession by using social media

Super Bowl brings much attention in the USA, not only as a sports event (even though it’s the third most watched single game worldwide) but also as a marketing phenomenon. Companies prepare special campaigns, spending huge amounts of money. Smaller businesses, however, can also benefit from the “Super Bowl effect”, especially if they use social media wisely. We give you smart tips how to leverage social media for your brand before and during the most important (American) football game, which this year falls on February 1st.

Jan Zając Dec 18 2014

How are we going to measure social media communication in 2015?

Companies and brands are carrying out more and more intense and professional activities in social media. It means that the way they look upon their results is also undergoing changes. Type of measurement that is precise and consistent with company’s objectives shows to what extent the company realizes its goals and how it copes with competitors. It is worth knowing, how and what can be measured, and choose which indexes are right for particular objectives and strategies. From a researcher’s perspective it is clearly visible how marketing measurement and reporting in social media are changing together with the market. It seems that social media industry is now prepared for more mature types of measurement. Ones that are not limited only to counting fans, shares or other values of engagement indexes, no matter what are the communication goals and strategy of a brand.

Twitter Trends
Jan Zając Oct 08 2014

Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia September 2014

For the first time Sotrender and Joy Intermedia are proud to present Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia- comprehensive social media reports for Indonesian industry. We analyzed reach, engagement and content on two most popular social media channels – Facebook & Twitter – in 9 important industries. What are the biggest Indionesian Facebook Pages and Twitter profiles? Which of them is the most successful in engaging fans? And which of them published the most engaging post and the best tweet in September? Read the reports to be up-to-date with the latest social media trends.