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Daria Kuczmara Oct 01 2014

How to use hashtags in Twitter marketing?

Hashtags are inherent part of Twitter communication and a way of highlighting topics in tweets. They can also help in getting more attention from users. The popularity of specific hashtags reflects interests of followers. Because every profile has its own group of unique followers, there is no universal hashtag that everyone could use and win. There are various strategies and principles that can be applied to maximize the effects of using hashtags. To inspire you, we looked through several cases of using brands’ own and trending hashtags. Check what we discovered.

Daria Kuczmara Jul 15 2014

FIFA World Cup in Facebook marketing – you don’t need to be a sponsor to hijack news and engage fans

Recently social media have been overpowered by football excitement. The biting of Suarez, the staggering victory of the German team over Brazil and finally brave fight for the Cup were only a few pretexts for brands to use the real-time marketing. Sponsors of the FIFA World Cup paid huge money and tired to use the sponsorship also for social media marketing. However, some of their competitors were referring to the World Cup too, sometimes with big success, as our analysis shows. No matter if you are an official sponsor of a big event or not, you can use it to engage your social media fans.

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Daria Kuczmara Apr 05 2013

New Home on Android and Facebook for all

Yesterday’s meeting on Facebook revealed the truth about latterly discussed Facebook phone. Mark Zuckerberg and his co-workers presented the new family of apps named ‘Facebook Home’, that will function with every phone working on Android OS. The gossip, of soon to be released HTC First, being the first Facebook phone, turned out to be partly true, as it was presented, as the first fully integrated phone with Facebook Home. Nevertheless, the new homepage for smartphones, designed by Facebook, will be available to all Android users.